Terms of Service

Mid Florida Hood LLC

aka Mid Florida Hood & Restaurant Services,  Mid Florida Hood, Mid Fl. Hood or MFH.

Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust System aka KEC.


Mid Florida Hood will furnish all labor, equipment and materials to perform the invoiced services.

Granting authorization to perform services is recognized as accepting Mid Fl Hood LLC’s Terms.

Claims of unsatisfactory workmanship must be made within 48 hours.


NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR:  Mid Fl Hood is not liable for any damages to the customer’s premises or property except in the case of direct negligence. Mid Fl Hood takes extra care to prevent issues from happening however the removal of accumulated grease and dirt build-up carries the risk of adjustments, repairs or replacements that may need to be addressed. The customer understands & excepts these risk.  Mid Florida Hood is not responsible for any pre-existing conditions or damage of deteriorated or aged equipment resulting from our cleaning process.  Mid Florida Hood is not responsible for the cleaning process wear and tear on equipment.  Mid Florida Hood cannot be held responsible for any damage due to improper construction or non-compliance of NFPA Code 96 or local building codes.



OUR HOURLY LABOR ONLY RATES ARE  $100/hr w/ 2techs, each additional technician adds $20/hr. One Technician (Srv Calls) $85 first hour then $68/hr plus materials, COD.  These are labor rates only, it excludes cleaning supplies and materials.

PRICES:  Jobs are assigned a flat rate for services performed as recommended (AKA “ON TIME”).  Overdue services take extra cleaning time to complete will incur additional labor charges. Quarterly services are considered overdue @15+days, Semi Annual services are considered overdue @30+days and Annual services are considered overdue @45+days. The additional labor is billed after GPS data is collected and due upon receipt.

ADDITIONAL LABOR CHARGES:    Additional labor is billed in 15minute increments.  The rate for the additional labor is billed according to our Labor Only Rates. 

LABOR TIME:  Time and Labor totals are collected via vehicle GPS data.  Travel over one hour is consider labor. We collect dispatch, arrival, departure and end times.  Time spent waiting for access to the kitchen is counted towards your total labor unless we arrive before the scheduled start time.  Jobs with travel under one hour include time between the job arrival and departure time. Jobs with travel over one hour have one hour travel allowance subtracted from the total labor between shop dispatch and end time(shop arrival).

PAYMENT:  Payments are due upon receipt (COD).  If payments are not received within 15days, future services will require pre-payment. Credit card payments have a processing fee of 3%.

SERVICE CANCELLATIONS:  A 24+hr notice is desired. If there is no notice and we travel your location, INACCESSIBILITY fees would apply.

INACCESSIBILITY:   If service has to be rescheduled due to system inaccessibility for any reason, you will incur labor charges for the “trip time.”

ADDITIONAL WORK:   Any additional work added during routine KEC services will incur additional charges.  Normally invoiced separately.

COLLECTIONS: Invoices are subject to an interest chg of 1.5% p. month (18% annually) or a min. of $5 on any balance outstanding after 30days from the date of srv. In the event of default, Mid Fl. Hood & Rest. Srv. shall be entitled to recover the cost of collections, including reasonable attorney fees.  By commencement of performance of this contract the Customer agrees to be both corporately & individually bound by all terms and conditions of this contract.  The customer agrees to be personally & severally responsible for all sums due under contract and to be bound by all term and conditions of this contract.

SALES TAX:   Services related to kitchen exhaust cleaning, repair, modification or upgrades are not subject to sales tax.  Services related to nonresidential cleaning are taxable.

FREQUENCY:  Mid Florida Hood recommends frequencies bases on NFPA Code 96 Guidelines & grease comb gauge readings. It is the customers responsibility to comply with these recommendations. Overdue Cleanings take longer to clean and may incur Additional Labor charges if labor exceeds the time allotted to complete a job.

WASTE WATER:  Mid Florida Hood is not responsible for the composition of the waste water res ulting from our cleaning process. Any special instructions we should be following for waste water must be provided to us by the customer.

FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS:  All Fire Suppression Services are referred out to a certified Fire Protection Company.

ELECTRICAL:  All electrical work is referred out to a licensed electrician.

PERMIT WORK:   New construction or installations requiring new duct work are referred to a licensed contractor.

 FOOD CONTAMINATION:  It is the customer’s responsibility to assure all food products are removed from the cleaning area. We cover everything before cleaning but if food is left out there is a risk of contamination.

 SAFETY:  We are not responsible for your employees injured as a result of entering our work area. The customer agrees to facilitate the contractor’s safety program.


This Agreement shall continue in force & services performed at the recommended frequency until terminated by either party w/advance notice of 30days.   

The Customer hereby waives their rights of subrogation by their ins. carrier against Mid Florida Hood LLC under any fire or liability insurance policy.

 The Customer’s agreement to these terms is acknowledged by allowing access for the service to be performed, with or without a signed signature.9